Yeah yeah I know what you’re thinking lol but I have great news.

Yes I disappeared again and I am so sorry. A lot has happened. I spent half of Father’s day in the hospital with my father because he collapsed, and he had to spend his birthday which was the day after in the hospital also. That’s one thing out of the many. But I have a surprise. So I started on my website sometime last year but I’m finally finishing it up. Well kind of sort of.  I’m going to go through two phases of the website because I don’t have my business set yet. But I still want to interact with everyone. I have a forum section on my site so Unique individuals can unite! Unicorns included! It must have been a sign because I accidentally published my site. Talk about slight heart attack. I think I’m going to use this as my personal blog because I don’t want to abandon my wordpress baby and use the one on my site as a more motivational business like blog if that makes any sense. I guess here I can talk more freely about my opinions on certain topics and over there be Life Coach Bee. You know lose my mind over here (vent) and keep it together over there. Just joking lol maybe. We all need a laugh after some events in our personal lives and nationally. There has been back to back tragedies and we need to be working together not against each other. I hope everyone is in a wonderful mood and I will post the site soon….. Eventually. 🙂

Much love to you all



Mercury Retrograde got the best of me

So I have been a tad bit ugh and I blame it on Mercury Retrograde lol. But it’s finally over. I’m currently fighting with the idea of going back to school. And I’m fighting with the when and where. I’ll figure it out. I feel like you can never have to much knowledge and if you want to go after something then go. You can’t constantly let others or situations hold you back. There’s a million things that I want to do and I will try to conquer them all. It’s sad to know that the world is full of abundance for everyone but some are toooo greedy to help the next man. Like I can’t imagine having millions and not donating and just sharing. That’s mind blowing to me. I don’t like seeing people go without. Yes some people get themselves into bad situations but people in the end deserve a second chance. I like to see things from all angles not just one side. Sigh. I need to continue putting positive energy into the world. The Law of Attraction is always working. I know that and I still fall off the horse. Well I’m working on it just like I’m going to work on bloggers etiquette and writing techniques. I’m not the worst writer and I’m definitely not the best. That gives me something to focus on. I haven’t mastered my best subject lol. I hope all is well with everyone. I hope you all are living your dreams.

Late night early morning blab.

Just breathe: quick message/excercise

Sometimes you just need to take the time out to just breathe. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Relax. Use your imagination as a quick getaway. We all need to take a vacation sometime. I know a lot of us can’t afford to go to an exotic island or even Vegas, but you will be surprised as to where your imagination can take you. You are never to old to dream. It’s what gets me by alot of the time. So try it now. Relax and think of a place, better yet create a place that you would love to go. Imagine the activities you would love to do. You can even invite your “celebrity” friends if you would like ;). I always like go to mini parties or red carpet events lol. You never know your dreams may come true one day. Feel better yet? The rest is up to you. The whole point is to take time out for yourself. Even superheroes need a break.

Happy New Year (quick message)

It’s a new year! Yay! So let’s all start with a clean slate and let those negative thoughts and feelings go. Plan out what you would like to accomplish, and make a couple of lists. It will make you feel better. I’ve already started on my website as well as my personal journey. I don’t know what to expect this year but I know it will be something great. I just wanted to say I love you all and that I believe in you. At the end of the day you have to believe in you so don’t let anyone discourage you. Let’s conquer 2016!

Forgiveness. Who is it for really? You or them?


Who is forgiveness really for? That’s actually a question that’s been around for a long time but it’s sometimes overlooked. Well, forgiveness is actually for….. Drum roll please…….. You! If someone does something to you that hurts you to the core you aren’t expected to just automatically get over it. Healing is a process just like forgiveness but it’s more so for you. I know some of you are wondering how? It’s for you because everyone doesn’t apologize. You should never let a person have such a strong grip on you that you not only lose your true self, your hurt could also hurt other people. The forgiveness is for you so you can heal. Finally forgiving someone is like a breath of fresh air. You’re finally free of the chains that someone had wrapped around your soul. I have forgiven many people without even receiving an apology and that’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done. We should learn from the situation, pick ourselves up, hold our heads high and move on. Sometimes we are a crutch to ourselves and we become our own worst enemy’s by bringing up that hurtful situation or person constantly. And we could carry that baggage into other relationship and that’s not healthy. Well Miss Gorgeous and Mr. Handsome I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to be angry. Just don’t let that anger consume you. Don’t let that pain take away from what you want to do. Get back on your horse and ride off into the sunset. Don’t give up on those goals you set for yourself. You can do it!

Be Life.Be Love.BeeUnique.

Simply existing: 4 years later

I was on the phone with one of my sister’s  last night and I told them I was just existing in the world. But I want to do more than just exist. My thirst for knowledge is never and will never be quenched. It’s amazing how you can find out things about yourself randomly. Like for the longest time I knew what I wanted to do but I just never know how to go about doing it or if I would be good at it. Then I started to receive confirmation. Yes I can do it. I think the biggest confirmation for me came with the biggest disappointments. But now I don’t even see them as disappointments anymore. I see them as blessings.

I knew there was a chance that I wasn’t going to come out of school with a bomb job making millions ( but one can always dream and that dream isn’t totally dead). It took me 7 months to find a job that I wasn’t even completely happy with and it was taking a toll on my body (yeah I had to quit or I would’ve ended up using a walker before my time). Everyday I would go into work miserable. Then one day it clicked randomly. I came back across “The Secret”. I watched the dvd and read the book, I even took notes. I had to change my thought process. How can I be positive for other people but be a Negative Nancy about things when it came to myself? I had to change that.

So the first thing that I did was stop complaining. After I stopped complaining my job got a tad bit better. The second thing I did was hold positive thoughts in my head. Anytime something would annoy me or make me upset I would think about my celebrity crush or driving a car. Anything that made me happy. The third thing that I started doing more of is daydreaming. Daydreaming keeps me going honestly. I could be anywhere with anyone at anytime. Even though I don’t go out as much I don’t feel even feel lonely. I don’t keep my phone constantly glued to me and I don’t text people like a maniac just to get a response…. Anymore. At one point in time I even deleted social media apps off of my phone.

Then the light bulb when off, what’s the point in slaving yourself to make someone else rich especially if you’re the one that’s unhappy? I don’t mind retail and I don’t knock it but it’s not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. So I made the decision to leave.  What I wanted to do was right in front of me all along I just couldn’t see it. And when people would say you have your degree and you are great at what you do, you should just go into business for yourself. But I’m sitting here like what is this great thing that I do that you speak of? Lol. Then it hit me.

Every job that I applied to I would either be over qualified or under qualified. “I know I don’t suck that bad. I have my degree so I can’t be that bad” were my constant thoughts. The universe was just trying to tell me “Hey create your own business big head”. But I never saw it. So now I’m on a journey. I do eventually want to go back to school to receive my Master’s then my PhD but it’s not my time yet. I want to just live for myself right now.

The biggest thing that I had to realize and that we all need to realize is “Stop comparing your situation to others”. I see a lot of my classmates with their Master’s already or they have a awesome job and I use to be like “What in the world am I doing wrong”? I slick was salty. But now it makes me even happier to see other people succeed because that’s more motivation for me and I can support them on their journey. I love watching people grow. I know my time is coming soon so until then I’m just going to enjoy the ride. And I know you’re probably like” Ok so what do you want to do sheesh”? Lol. I want to become a Life Coach. Counselor. Then later on mentor. I have a passion for people and like I said before ” Life is the best teacher”. I have been through so much that I can help other people. So why not start now? Right now I’m trying to tackle the hurdle of relocating. I know God has something for me so I’m not even going to stress it. Oh and in case you were wondering “The Secret” is about The Law of Attraction. I will get more into it as we go along. If you made it this far you are the real mvp!!!

Thanks Loves….

Be Love.Be Life.BeeUnique

The year of abundance! Namaste

2016!!!!January 1st, 2016
New Beginnings
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